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Experience the Experience 2022

Exhibition & Live Performance

Spaces within spaces, inspired by emotions within emotions-an abyss of infinite sequences and sensory illusions artfully conceptualised...

Contributing artists

Josefin Zachrisson, Mira Bergh, Julia Jondell, Matilda Ellow

Part of

Gather Festival, Stockholm 2022

Soundtracked by

Studio Barnhus

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Stuck With Swedish Girls


Stuck With Swedish Girls

A spatial scenario that seeks a futuristic approach through the proposition of passive solutions. Reality will be imitated in a physical and digit ...

Stainless steel chair with Swedish girls logo

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Stockholm Konst Summer Exhibition 2021


Stockholm Konst Summer Exhibition 2021

Swedish Girls was invited to be a part of the Summer Exhibition 2021 curated by Stockholm Konst. The result is two installations located on Kungsh ...

Stainless steel bench with artwork by graffiti collective Boys.

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Experience Swedish Girls


Experience Swedish Girls

Four rooms with experience based installations, offering you a glimpse of Swedish Girls. We invited you to taste, feel, admire, dance and work wi ...

Projection of Swedish Girls members in laser-red color

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Served by Swedish Girls 2020


Served by Swedish Girls 2020

Presenting a group exhibition with Josefin Zachrisson, Matilda Ellow, Julia Jondell and Mira Bergh, all part of Swedish Girls ...

Fabric on table with Swedish Girls logo

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Swedish Girls

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Art & design collective

Swedish Girls have collaborated alongside their individual practices and created a collective artistic context since they graduated Beckmans College of Design 2019. The Stockholm and Milan-based group describe their work as a conceptualised reality and shape it through physical and digital installations.




Strindbergsgatan 31, 115 31 Stockholm, Sweden



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