Exploring Perspectives - Quattro (2024)
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Riccardo Raspa
Exhibition with metal seating furniture by Swedish Girls and photography by Riccardo Raspa

Exhibition | Milan Design Week

Exploring Perspectives

Quattro Swedish Girls & Riccardo Raspa

18–21 April

Combining the conceptual and experimental work of Swedish Girls’ ‘Seats System’ and Riccardo Raspa’s ‘I Wish I Did’ abstract photography series, ‘Exploring Perspectives’ invites viewers to ponder fleeting moments and the passage of time. Quattro’s inauguration exhibition explores the dynamics between material and immaterial shapes, inspiring the flow of a space with elements such as light, interaction, and temperature.

‘Seats System’ (2019-) is a modular furniture series by Swedish Girls. Carefully calculated radiuses, profiles and degrees translates into a precise system produced by machines, assembled and welded by hand. With durable material choices and social focus ‘Seats System’ can be adapted to any space. Following the concept of Quattro, Swedish Girls presents four constellations, a new each day of the exhibition. Installations that sparks the user’s imagination and introduce a framework of possibilities.

‘I Wish I Did’ captures fleeting moments through abstract photography due to glitches, accidental exposures. Each image invites the viewer to contemplate the transient nature of memories and the slight of space. The series of four works is an immersive reminder of the moment, a testimony to the passage of time, a once perhaps unforgettable and yet gone. They encourage the viewer to delve into the boundless depths of their own reflections, a lost moment in time.


Mira Bergh, Josefin Zachrisson







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