The Original Idea - Adidas - Juventus (2024)
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Courtesy of Adidas
Adidas, Juventus, Swedish Girls, Design, Art, Swedish Girls with football players of Juventus in Adidas clothes

Swedish Girls | Adidas | Juventus | Milan Design Week

The Original Idea

Adidas, Juventus and Swedish Girls: a creative union that combines style, design and passion. To celebrate the launch of the capsule collection, Adidas and Juventus have chosen to entrust the Swedish Girl with the creation of a work inspired by the main piece of the collection. Thus begins a creative journey that is nourished by two iconic elements: the iconic 70s tracksuit by Adidas Originals and the famous bench from which Juventus was born, way back in 1897.

‘The Original Idea’  is much more than a simple reinterpretation of the Seats System: it is an explosion of creativity that fuses the aesthetic codes of the Adidas and Juventus tracksuit with the distinctive work of Swedish Girl. A work that goes beyond time and space, embodying the soul of two legends, translated into a single, extraordinary vision.


Mira Bergh, Josefin Zachrisson






Adidas, Juventus

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