Stockholm Konst Summer Exhibition (2021)
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Therese Öhrvall
Stainless steel scene

Installations across Stockholm | Stockholm Konst

Swedish Girls was invited to be a part of the Summer Exhibition 2021 curated by Stockholm Konst. The result is two installations located on Kungsholmen, Stockholm. The theme for this year's exhibition is democracy and the exhibition ran between 28/5-12/9.


With inspiration from the theater’s scenic backdrops, ornaments and optic illusions we created an interactive installation available for everyone. The scene will become a setting for different performances during the summer.


On Bergsgatan, we invite the graffiti collective BOYS to a continuous visual discussion on the topic of what’s considered art. The work is created to symbolize and function as a point of connection between practices and people.

Contributing artists

Josefin Zachrisson, Mira Bergh, Julia Jondell, Matilda Ellow

Part of

Stockholm Konst Summer Exhibition 2021


Therese Öhrvall

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