Stuck With Swedish Girls (2022)
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Mikkel Kaldal
Chairs in exhibition space with a clock on the wall.

Installation | Stuck With Swedish Girls

“Stuck with Swedish Girls” is a spatial scenario that seeks a futuristic approach through the proposition of passive solutions. Reality is being imitated in a physical and digital context as a failed attempt to go further. Interacting from the ‘glitch’ or watching others do it, what are you waiting for?

Contributing artists:

Josefin Zachrisson, Mira Bergh, Julia Jondell, Matilda Ellow

Part of

Mayrit Biennale, Madrid 2022

KP23, The Artists' Easter Exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus 2023

Meet and Greet Swedish Girls, Digitaliseum, Malmö 2023

LatHouse, Zentralwäscherei, Zurich 2023

Supermarket Artfair, Stockholm 2024

Installation including

7 pcs `I <3 Swedish Girls´ chairs, 2022

Video work, `SWEDISH GIRLS!´, 2022

Gossip Magazine, `SWEDISH GIRLS!´, 2022 (Editor in chief: Kourosh Hekmatara)


Miguel Liero

Production Studio

ACME Estudio


Mayrit Biennale 2022: Asier Rua

KP23: Mikkel Kaldal

Supermarket 2024: José Figueroa

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