Another Fountain - Alcova (2024)
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Pietro Sfameni
Another Fountain at Alcova 2024, Metal fountain, Swedish Girls, nature

Installation | Milan Design Week

April 2024, Milan, Italy — For their third presentation at Alcova, Swedish Girls proudly share ‘Another Fountain’, an outdoor centerpiece and public seating installation to be shown at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. First shown last May during the SCOPES Stockholm Festival, which celebrates local creatives, ‘Another Fountain’ was designed as an extension of Swedish Girls’ signature stainless steel vernacular ‘Public Space with Private Intentions’.

‘Another Fountain’ is an exploration in to the spectrum of human behavior and connection in any context, private and public spaces, outdoors and indoors, day and night. International cultures and countries  have unique expectations and attitudes when it comes to gatherings. The fountain is a contemporary reinterpretation of its symbolism and function within architecture, landscape, and public environments.


Mira Bergh, Josefin Zachrisson





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Alcova, Milan 2024



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